Develop drugs through collaborative input and discussion

Remote Monitoring

Execute decentralized trials to improve
data collection and reduce costs

Open Data

Have access to trial data
without limitations or bias

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Researchers & Physicians

Share your expertise to help design more effective clinical trials and help bring new treatments to the market more efficiently. Learn More

Whether you are a researcher, physician, or creative thinker with training outside biomedicine, we're looking for your thoughts on how best to construct new clinical protocols and execute studies. As an active participant, you'll help us disrupt the current drug development process by making it more efficient, more patient-centric, and ultimately less expensive. Create an account or learn more.

Patients & Families

Help get more effective drugs to the patients who need them. Patient input is essential to the TLS development model. Learn More

TLS is a patient-centric company that develops new medications to help people with chronic diseases. We involve patients in the clinical trial design process so that studies are tailored to address patients' concerns and the issues they live with every day. Create an account or learn more.

Business Partners

We are building an all-digital clinical trials platform, and seek technology and services partners to help realize our vision. Learn More